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Join WAIM Unlimited & Get FREE Access to the Passive Income with Canva Course!

WAIM Unlimited be open for enrollment between Monday the 3rd of October and will close again on Tuesday the 18th of Octoberso be sure to join today so you don’t miss this amazing bonus!


Ready to up-level your Etsy shop and turn it into a serious online business?

Then you’re going to want to check out WAIM unlimited.


WAIM Unlimited is a monthly coaching program that has helped me to turn my Etsy shop into a business that now earns me a full-time income online. 


Since joining the program in March 2022, WAIM has helped me develop an intentional business plan that goes beyond running a digital product Etsy store. The monthly coaching sessions have given me the confidence to create a plan for my business that helps me to generate an online income doing the things that I LOVE.

I was introduced to Jason & Caroline Zook, the extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and super hilarious couple behind WAIM Unlimited by the fabulous Michelle Rohr of the Secret Owl Society (another one of my online business mentors).


And now I want to share this amazing program with you.


But here’s the cool part, if you join WAIM Unlimited using my referral link (any button on this page) you not only get access to WAIM, but you’ll also get a bonus from me…


FREE access to the Passive Income with Canva Course!

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So why is the Passive Income with Canva Course and WAIM Unlimited such a great fit?

In my course, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of how to make sales on auto-pilot, selling Canva templates on Etsy... The Passive Income with Canva Course is the perfect introduction to taking your current skills, knowledge and experience AND turning this into digital products to sell online. 


Then with WAIM Unlimited, along with the current coaching session, previous coaching sessions, lifetime access to Teachery, the un-boring business roadmap, private coaching inside of Slack and so much more, you’ll be able to transform your Etsy shop into a full-fledged online business… just like I did.


What is WAIM?

Wandering Aimfully (WAIM) as an ethos is the idea that designing a life and business you love is just one big experiment. Jason & Caroline believe in wandering, exploring, and being open to the evolution of things—while also striving to define the values that aim you in the right direction. While you can wander, it should be AIMFUL (not aimless) based on your own personal goals and definition of success. 


WAIM, as a business, is a group coaching community helping intentional online business owners focus on three key things:


  1. 🚀 Boosting business revenue (based on personal financial goals)

  2. ⏰ Gaining more free time (what’s all the revenue for if not to live a good life?)

  3. 🎉 Having more fun (business shouldn’t just be serious and stressful) 


WAIM, as a company, is run by Jason Zook and Caroline Zook. They are a husband and wife team with zero employees.


WAIM, as a community, is a private Slack team where all WAIM Members can mingle, connect, and share what they’re working on, thinking about, or needing help with. The Slack channel has been active since September 2015 and continues to be a thriving and thoughtful place for our members to hang out.


Caroline Zook is the soulful, creative, and emotional piece of the WAIM-puzzle. She is a self-taught designer who does all the branding and design work on WAIM’s brand, website, and Instagram account. She also heads up WAIM curriculums for group coaching sessions and loves diving into a good Adobe XD, Figma, or Keynote file. 

Jason Zook is the action-taking, operational, administrative, and doughnut-eating piece of the WAIM-puzzle. He helps Caroline with WAIM designs, but only in an “assistant design intern” role. He tends to focus on the day-to-day operations, as well as managing the WAIM Slack community and member accountability.

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What's Inside WAIM?

WAIM Unlimited is a comprehensive coaching program that helps online business owners learn everything they need to know to create a business that meets their individual goals—without burning out in the process. 


For this enrollment period, October 3 - October 18, WAIM Unlimited will include:

  • 🗺 The Un-Boring Business Roadmap: An in-depth roadmap that pulls all of our experience, coaching sessions, and knowledge into ONE sequential program that an online business owner can jump into. This comes with:


      🗂 A step-by-step system for improving any online business based on a 5-step business checklist (Foundation -> Offer -> Marketing -> Content -> Website)


    • 📺 36 two-hour pre-recorded coaching sessions that leave no stone left unturned for every aspect on online business creation

    • 📓 Interactive workbooks to put each part of the roadmap into specific action, some in the form of editable PDFs and some in the form of Notion templates

    • 🌎 Access to the private Slack community

    • 👩🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦲 1-on-1 help from Jason & Caroline through Slack, email and monthly live session Q&As

    • 🏆Momentum Mondays accountability with Jason through Slack

  • 📋 Notion Starter Pack: a full system of Notion Templates that help with project management, business organization, content creation, and more! (If you’re not familiar, Notion is a flexible and customizable project management and note-taking software app.)

  • 📐 Page Layout Library: A library of 10 different website page layouts with copy prompts, including sales pages, home pages, about pages, and marketing bridge landing pages, in order to make spinning up new website pages a breeze.

  • 🤖 Personal Coaching Robot: This microsite hosts 200 audio coaching clips sorted by topic to help business owners overcome the mental, emotional, and practical hurdles we all face on our journeys.

  • ⚙️ Lifetime Teachery Account: This is an online course software platform, which helps someone build and sell courses easily and without any technical knowledge. (Normally $49/month, but a lifetime account is included free with WAIM Unlimited.)

  • 🔑 WAIM Vault and WAIM Custom Dashboard: Over 40+ courses, workshops, walk-throughs, and behind the scenes videos, complete with a powerful search by keyword and accessible from a personalized dashboard

🔮 Anything Jason & Carloline make in the future: At no additional cost!

Is WAIM Right for YOU?

You’re a fit for the program if you:


  • ✅ Own your own online business

    • Work with clients 1-on-1 

    • OR, sell digital products to customers

  • ✅ Are currently making some money with their business 

  • ✅ Want to grow your business, but want to do it intentionally (not just in it to hustle to the bone to get rich but want to live a spacious, balanced life along the way)

  • ✅ See yourself as creative in some way and are willing to do the work it takes to reach their goals

  • ✅ Know it can feel lonely to own your own business so are looking for a community and group of like-minded people

  • ✅ Value being inclusive, kind, open, honest, and willing to ask for help


You’re NOT a good fit for WAIM’s products if you…


  • ❌ Don’t have a business at all

  • ❌ Aare looking for overnight success or silver bullets

  • ❌ Think you can outsource every part of their business

  • ❌ Think “passive income” means you can set it and forget it

  • ❌ Want the easy way out and don’t want to do work

  • ❌ Want to make “6 figs” with no reason as to why

  • ❌ Are only focused on growth (more customers, more money, etc)

  • ❌ Are not okay with business owners talking about or supporting social justice initiatives promoting equality on behalf of marginalized groups

  • ❌ Aren’t willing to laugh or have fun with biz

  • ❌ Don’t like emojis 🤷🏻‍♂️

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If you're seriously ready to take a step forward and transform your business (just like I have) then be sure to join WAIM Unlimited before doors close on Tuesday the 18th of October 2022.


Please note: in order to receive your FREE access to The Passive Income with Canva Course you will need to use my referral link. Also, once your payment has been confirmed please email me at with your proof of purchase and I’ll send you an email with details on how you can access the course.

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