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Details on accessing the STARTER KIT are on the way to your inbox...

🚨 While you wait, I have something special to share with you!

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Join the membership site for beginners looking to build passive income with digital products!

Say goodbye to the overwhelm and the constant struggle to make sales.

Instead, learn the skills and strategies needed to rocket-launch a fabulously successful Etsy store! Dive into an easy-breezy membership that turns your passion into a steady, growing income, all while hanging out with a lively, supportive squad of fellow digital product creators.

Join us and let's have some fun!

As an attendee of The Creation Lab Summit, I have some great news for you! 

Join The Creator's Growth Club today and snag your

first month for just $7.


It's the perfect chance to explore the membership and see if it's the right fit for you.



I get it!

You're tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when it comes to creating digital products to sell. Now you're looking for a better way to turn your passion into profits without wasting time and money.

You want to create high-quality digital products that sell like hotcakes on Etsy so.…

You've thought about hiring a designer to help with the product creation...

BUT the cost can be prohibitive, and it doesn't give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the long run.

You've also tried learning from "experts" through free content online and blogs...

BUT it can be overwhelming to find the right information, and it's never organized in a way that is easy to follow.

You've even thought about buying an online course or high-ticket program...

BUT online courses can be expensive and time-consuming, plus you want to get started today with a small upfront investment!

What if you could ditch the overwhelm and sales struggle on Etsy, and instead kick off a thriving digital product business that boosts your income instead?

Think that this is too good to be true?

I assure you, it's not...

Ever since I opened my Etsy shop in late 2019...

I've been generating thousands of dollars by selling digital products that I created once and sell over, and over again.


And the best part?

It's all on auto-pilot!

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But, I gotta be honest with you.


Getting to a point where I was making daily sales on Etsy wasn’t a walk in the park.

When I first started my own Etsy shop, it was a journey that began with a catering business I ran with my mumma. Together, we created and delivered custom lunches to offices around my home town, Adelaide in South Australia.

But despite having happy customers who loved our food, I realised I was barely making enough to cover my expenses and take home a decent wage.

By the time I paid for stock, fuel, car maintenance, and the time it took to manage it all, I was working hard but not seeing the returns I had hoped for. Then, when COVID hit and everyone was stuck inside, my catering business collapsed overnight with no orders coming in.

Honestly, it was a challenging time, but looking back, it may have been a blessing in disguise

Subscription Box

I actually tried selling physical products on Etsy too...

I tried my hand at selling physical products on Etsy because I've always been curious about it. But it was a challenging experience.


I had to invest in stock, ship products, and put in a tremendous amount of time and effort. I even had to reduce my prices and cover the costs for shipping, as Etsy encourages "free shipping" on products to improve visibility on their platform.


Despite all my efforts, just like my catering business, I found it hard to make a decent profit.

I had dreams of time freedom and flexibility, but the reality was far from it.


At this point, I also had my first daughter, Aria, and spending quality time with her seemed to be slipping further and further away from my reach.

I honestly had one more chance...

I remember having a conversation with my husband that changed everything for me. He said, "Alicia, I know you've always wanted to run your own business, but we really need at least $1,000 extra per month to cover expenses. If things don't change, are you willing to get a 'real job'?"

It was a conversation I never wanted to have, but he was right. If I couldn't contribute something to our family budget, we were headed towards a place I never thought we'd be. It was a wake-up call that made me realize I needed to take action and find a solution to make my business dreams a reality.

I said to myself: 

"You've got one more shot to make this work, Alicia!"

That's when it hit me.

What if I could sell the same templates I was using in all my previous business ventures, as digital products on Etsy?

It turns out I was onto something...

I took a leap of faith and listed my own "brand board template", and to my amazement, I got my very first "cha-ching" within days of opening my first Etsy shop

This was the proof I needed, the validation that my idea could work!.

My Etsy shops have opened up opportunities for me that FINALLY allow me the freedom and flexibility I could only ever dream of!

(Like priceless time to be with my little girls 🥰)

And the best part?

Running my Etsy shops takes me less than 5 hours per week.


Can this really work?


You bet!

By November 2020 I had finally hit my first $1,000 month.


I've been able to make thousands of dollars...

ON AUTOPILOT selling my digital products on Etsy.

Ready to make this your reality too?


Then let me introduce...

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Kickstart Your Digital Product Empire and Make Money Doing What You Love - Even If You're a Complete Beginner!

Why The Creators Growth Club?


Because this is not just another course or forum.

Every creator needs their personal toolbox. One that’s not filled with rusty, outdated tools but with sparkling, trend-setting gems. The Creators Growth Club is that jewel-laden box you've been searching for.


What sets the membership apart?


Exclusive PLR

These aren't your ordinary templates. These are masterpieces, tailored for Etsy creators like you.


Holistic Training

Dive deep into both creation and selling. Double the mastery, double the success.


Likeminded Community

We don't just chat; we uplift, critique, and co-create.


Your Personal Coach

Yep, that's me! I'm here, navigating the journey with you, ensuring you're never stuck.

Curious to know what's inside?


Exclusive Commerical Use PLR Templates

Unlimited commercial use access to all PLR templates, making it super easy to get products listed in your shop.



Community + Personal Coaching

A supportive community of like-minded digital product creators PLUS direct access to me inside of the private group.

Online Class


Workshops, Course & Action Plans

New workshop released monthly, plus access to all past workshops.

Studying Online


Exclusive Tools & Resources

Exclusive tools, templates & toolkits to help you successfully sell digital products online

Work Desk

Take a look at just some of the PLR templates you'll have immediate access to...

Access On-Demand Workshops, Actions Plans & Course Immediately!



The Passive Income with Canva Course



Shopify Listing Images - Create Lisiting Images with Canva (1).png


Create Custom Art Prints Using Kittl





Create Calm Corner Printables





Creating High-converting Digital Product Listing Images with Canva





Start an Etsy Shop with PLR



Shopify Listing Images - Create Lisiting Images with Canva (2).png


Plus a New Workshop Added Every Month


$97.00 each

Join Now!

Ready to Join?

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after 30-days, you will be charged $27p/m


  • Workshops & Training: Dive into action plans, courses, and specialized training sessions.

  • Tech Tutorials: Master essential tech skills with our easy-to-follow tutorials.

  • Seller Resources: Access a library of tools, templates, and resources designed for digital product sellers.

  • Monthly Training: Get fresh, step-by-step training each month inside "The Roadmap."

  • PLR Templates: Enjoy 20+ high-quality PLR templates, including designs for Canva, Notion, and Flodesk.

  • New Templates Monthly: Receive brand-new PLR templates every month.

  • Community Access: Join our private community for support and inspiration.

  • Direct Access to Me: Ask questions and get personalized feedback on your digital products, shop, and business directly from me.

Recurring payment - cancel anytime. All prices in US dollars.

Joining us is more than just becoming a part of a club... it's an investment in your future.

I genuinely want to see you succeed and be a part of this incredible community and membership. If your goal is to excel in selling digital products on Etsy, then I would be absolutely delighted to welcome you aboard. 🌟🎉

  • Can I cancel my membership anytime?
    Absolutely! While I'd love for you to stay, you're free to cancel whenever you wish. Your journey, your rules. 💁‍♀️
  • Do I need an active subscription to sell or share my creations?
    You do not need an active subscription to continue selling or sharing any products you've already created with the templates inside the membership. I recognise the value and effort you put into your creations and believe you should have the right to continue benefiting from them. However, an active subscription is required to access, create, and share new products using the templates. This ensures that the creation of new products using our templates remains exclusive to current members, maintaining the premium quality and exclusivity. Please read the full PLR licence details attached.
  • In what currency will my membership be charged?
    All membership fees are charged in US Dollars (USD). Although this business is based in Australia, I have found that over 60% of my customers are from the United States. To simplify the process and provide a consistent pricing model for the majority of my members, I've chosen to standardise charges in USD. This approach helps maintain transparency in pricing, regardless of where my members are located globally. Please be aware that if you are paying from a non-USD account, your bank may apply a currency conversion fee according to their policies.
  • Why is The Creators Growth Club so special?
    Unlike other platforms, this club offers an all-encompassing journey – trend-driven templates, skill enhancement, and a bustling community. It’s curated exclusively for Etsy creators, by someone who truly gets it (that's me!). Not only that, but inside the private community, you'll have direct access to me, where you can ask questions, get advice and move forward in your digital product biz. 💕
  • Can I use the PLR templates and skills learned in this membership to create digital products for platforms other than Etsy?
    Yes, the skills and techniques taught in this membership program can be applied to create digital products for various platforms, not just Etsy. The tutorials and guidance provided can help you adapt your products and strategies to suit different marketplaces.
  • What kind of support can I expect with this membership?
    The membership includes 24-hour written support on weekdays, which means you'll receive answers to your questions or receive feedback within one day in our members-only support group. 😊
  • How do I access the membership hub and private group?
    After signing up for the membership, you'll receive immediate access to the membership hub within Teachery. The hub contains a link to the main membership site along with all the on-demand workshops. You can access the private Facebook group within the main membership site.
  • How long do I have access to the member portal and private Facebook group?
    You will have full access to the member hub and private Facebook group as long as you remain a member. This allows you to continuously benefit from the resources, support, and community throughout your membership.
  • Who is this membership suited for?
    This membership is suitable for new digital product creators and those who have tried creating digital products but struggle to create products that sell. It provides PLR templates, guidance, tools, and support to help you create successful digital products.
  • Can I get a refund if I change my mind about the membership?
    I totally understand that sometimes plans change. Just to let you know, I don't offer refunds for any membership options. But here's the good part: if you opt for the monthly membership, you can cancel it at any time – no strings attached! Keep in mind, there are no refunds for early departures. I'm pretty confident, though, that you're going to love being part of this community! 🌟
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