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Discover the Secret to Selling Digital Art on Etsy with the Digital Art Creator's Course!

Are you ready to dive into a world of endless possibilities? Join me for an in depth course where I'll guide you through the art of creating and selling digital masterpieces on Etsy.


Whether you're a passionate crafter, a creative soul, or a stay-at-home parent looking to explore your artistic side, this session is tailor-made for you. Get ready to unleash your creativity and turn your passion into profit!

Join Now!

What's Inside the Course?

🎯 Master the Art of Digital Creation: Discover the secrets to crafting stunning digital artwork using AI-powered tools like Midjourney and Kittl.

🔍 Unlock Etsy's Hidden Treasures: Dive into the world of research using Allura and Insight Factory to find your niche and spot trends before anyone else.

💰 Make Passive Income a Reality: Learn how to create digital products that sell on autopilot, allowing you to make money while you sleep.

🚀 Seamlessly Manage Your Shop: Streamline your Etsy journey with My Designs, a powerful software that simplifies listing creation and management.

📸 Present Your Art Like a Pro: Enhance your artwork with eye-catching mock-ups using Photoshop or free alternatives like Photopea and Canva.

Front On Mock Ups (10).png

Total Value: Over $397

Yours for FREE!

Ready to turn your creative dreams into reality? Join me on this exciting journey and unlock your artistic potential. Are you in? 


Have we met?


Hey, hey. 👋
I'm Alicia!

A mumma and wife from the beautiful city of Adelaide in South Australia.


I am super passionate about discovering ways to earn passive income online, specifically through selling digital products.

Back in 2019, I took a chance selling Canva templates on Etsy, a pivot that's helped me to build an online business that not only allows me to work from home but also generates a full-time income to help support my growing family.

I now use all the knowledge and information I've picked up over the years to help other people within our community earn their first dollar online selling digital products on Etsy.

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