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Discover the Secret to Selling Digital Products on Etsy!

Unlock Your Creative Potential with the PLR Power-Up Mini-Course, your comprehensive guide to creating and selling digital journals with ease and creativity.

Hey there, aspiring digital entrepreneur 👋

Feel like you're drowning in the sea of digital creation, like you're just treading water?


Whether you're a stay-at-home parent turning nap times into dream-building sessions, a budding entrepreneur ready to leave your mark on the world, or a freelance designer looking to diversify your income, I've got something special for you.


Introducing the PLR Power-Up Mini-Course, your golden ticket to transforming your creative vision into a thriving online business.

Imagine crafting digital journals that aren't just products but stories waiting to be told, all from the comfort of your home or favourite coffee shop.


Sounds like a dream, right?


Well, I'm here to make it your reality.

Why PLR Power-Up? 🤔

The Overwhelm of Starting

I get it. Jumping into the world of digital product creation can feel like stepping into a maze without a map. You're passionate and driven, but where do you even start? With the overwhelming options, technical hurdles, and the fear of getting lost in the crowd, it's enough to make anyone's head spin. 😵

You're Not Alone

But here's the good news: You don't have to figure it out alone. The PLR Power-Up Mini-Course is designed with you in mind, offering a step-by-step blueprint to navigate the complexities of digital marketing with confidence.

Turning PLR Into Gold

We're talking about turning generic PLR (Private Label Rights) templates into unique, personalized digital gems that shine bright in a saturated market. 💎

What's Inside the Mini-Course?

This mini-course is packed with essential knowledge and practical steps:

✅ Understanding PLR Products: Kickstart your journey with a deep dive into the benefits of PLR products.

✅ Mood Board Creation: Learn the art of "mood-boarding" to define the aesthetic of your journal.

✅ Customizing PLR Templates: I'll guide you on personalizing templates to mirror your brand, making your offerings unique.

✅ Perfecting Your Journal: Discover the nitty-gritty of formatting your journal for online sale.

✅ Crafting a Customer Instructions Guide: Create a comprehensive guide to enhance customer satisfaction.

✅ Listing Your Journal on Etsy: Gain insights into creating compelling Etsy listings for your digital journal.

Exclusive Bonuses Just for You!

When you enroll today, you also get access to these invaluable resources:



PLR Self-Care


Canva Template



Grab the exact template I use in the course, allowing you to follow along step by step. This fan-favourite usually sells for $27.00 in The Shop, but it's yours free!



Customer Instructions/Guide

Canva Template



Jumpstart your instruction guide creation with this template, ensuring your customers have all the information they need after their purchase on Etsy.

PLUS a $20 Gift Card to use in The Shop!

Also, inside the course portal, you'll discover a $20 Gift Card for The Shop.

This gift card is your key to unlocking over 20+ premium PLR Canva templates, designed to elevate your projects and streamline your success.

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Transform Challenges into Triumphs 🏆

Forget feeling stuck or overwhelmed.


With the PLR Power-Up Mini-Course, you'll conquer the digital creation space, turning obstacles into stepping stones. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity, as I guide you from A to Z, ensuring your digital journal not only stands out but sells.

By the end of this course, you won't just have a product; you'll have a masterpiece ready to hit the virtual shelves of Etsy.


Imagine the pride of seeing your creation bring joy to others, all while building your brand and boosting your income. 🌟

What Kaylee had to say...

"I'm just going through this step by step, along with the video. Loving it. Thank you Alicia..."

Ready to turn your digital dreams into reality?

Join me on this exciting journey with the PLR Power-Up Mini-Course.


With a super low join price of just $7.00, I'm making digital product creation accessible to everyone, because I believe in your potential, and I know that together, we can unlock it.

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Total Value: Over $141.00

but today, you can join for just $7!

The mini-course, valued at $67.00, along with the bonuses worth $74.00, brings the total value to $141.00.


But for a limited time, I'm offering this entire package for a one-time payment of only $7!

Don't let another day pass by watching from the sidelines.


It's time to take action, craft products that tell a story, and establish a brand that's as authentic as you are.


Sign up today and let's make magic happen together! ✨


Have we met?


Hey, hey. 👋
I'm Alicia!

A mumma and wife from the beautiful city of Adelaide in South Australia.


I am super passionate about discovering ways to earn passive income online, specifically through selling digital products.

Back in 2019, I took a chance selling Canva templates on Etsy, a pivot that's helped me to build an online business that not only allows me to work from home but also generates a full-time income to help support my growing family.

I now use all the knowledge and information I've picked up over the years to help other people within our community earn their first dollar online selling digital products on Etsy.

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