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How to Add an Instagram Feed to Your Shopify Homepage

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

A fantastic way to show off your business brand to your online store visitors and potential customers is through an Instagram feed.

If you’ve spent a good amount of time curating an incredible looking Instagram feed, then why wouldn't you share it on your online stores homepage?

By adding your Instagram feed, it'll help to build the know, like and trust with your online store visitors and potential customers, which can bring in more sales.

In this weeks tutorial, I take a deep dive into my own online store Love Coco Bowls, to show you where I decided to display the Instagram feed and how it all looks when it's all set up.

I then go recreate the exact layout on my "test" store, Yin & Yoga, by installing a free app onto the Shopify store so you can then follow the step-by-step process to add an Instagram feed to your own Shopify store.


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I'm a wife & mama from the beautiful city of Adelaide in South Australia.


A self taught business owner who loves geeking out over all things business & strategies.

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