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Tools, programs & software I use to run my digital product Etsy shop

In this article, I run through all the different tools, software and programs that have been essential in running my own successful shop on Etsy. Now, these are just my opinion but they have been working well for me and my business so thought I'd share them with you today.

I will link to all of these tools within this article so you can check them out and learn about each individual one as you need. Just a heads up, some of the links are affiliate links, so if you do decide to purchase or sign up for any of the tools, just know that I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you! Win, win right?!

Okay, let's dive in!

The Etsy Sellers App:

This one seems obvious, but I still wanted to mention the Etsy Seller app as one of the tools I use to run my Etsy shop. In particular, though I wanted to mention some of the functions that I use within the app the most.

The app functions or areas that I’m spending most of my time in and that have the biggest impact on my income are creating and setting up Etsy Ads, creating sales and coupons and most importantly spending time looking at my stats.

I also have the Etsy seller’s app on my phone so I’m able to check up on my shop or answer any customer messages while I’m on the go.

Canva Pro:

If you’re new around here, you might not know that I run an Etsy shop that sells Canva templates for busy online entrepreneurs who are looking for time-saving templates and marketing assets. So having Canva Pro is essential to run a business that sells Canva templates.

In order to sell and share Canva templates, you do need access to a Canva Pro account. However, I use Canva for soooo much more than just selling templates. I use Canva for pretty much all of the graphics and designs for my business branding too.

My Etsy shop logo, banner, thank you pages, Etsy listing images, Pinterest images and so much more are created straight from Canva. It really is a must-have and I don’t know where I’d be without it.

If you’re interested in selling Canva templates on Etsy just like I do, but have no idea where to start, then I encourage you to check out my FREE 5-day mini-course, Discover Your Ideal Canva Template.

This mini-course will allow you to learn how to finally find your perfect Canva template so that it matches what YOU do best. If you want to learn more, or to join for FREE, just click here!


If you haven’t heard of Teachery, please let me give a brief rundown on what it is. Essentially, Teachery is a course creator platform where you can create and host your online courses, memberships or programs.

Now you’re probably thinking, but Alicia, you're talking about tools you use for your Etsy shop, why would you need a course creator platform. And that is a great question.

So, yes I do sell online courses through Teachery for my personal brand, but I don’t actually use Teachery to sell courses through my Etsy shop, but what I do use this platform for is to host my Penny Street Studio Customer Hub.

The set-up, design and functionality of Teachery allow you to do so much more than just create and sell courses. I’ve been able to use Teachery to provide any customers who buy from my Etsy shop the opportunity to join my customer hub. The customer hub is a private area that includes free resources and templates that I gift to my customers as a way to say thank you for purchasing from my shop. This is a great way to build your own community and customers off Etsy.

Tailwind for Pintrest:

A way I generate my own traffic and customers (outside of Etsy) is through Pinterest. And the way I’m able to automate posting and schedule out pins for Pinterest is through Tailwind.

If you’re new to Tailwind and haven’t heard of it before, I highly suggest checking out a video I uploaded that shares an entire walkthrough of how I use Tailwind for Pinterest to help me generate 100,000s of leads to my Pin images. You can watch the video by clicking here!

Being able to schedule out 100’s of Pin images at a time allows me more time to spend on doing money-making activities inside my business such as creating more digital products to sell inside my Etsy shop.

Haute Stock:

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, in my Etsy shop I sell premium Canva templates for small business owners and solopreneurs. In order to create appealing graphics and images of my digital products, I like to incorporate and use premium stock photography.

Haute Stock is a stock photography membership that allows me to download and access premium, high-quality images to use within my product marketing and designs.

Using these images allows me to showcase my digital products in a way that my customers can understand. They can look at my Etsy listing mockup images and visualise how they can use the templates for their own businesses.

Not only do I use Haute Stock images to showcase my templates, but I also use them in my Etsy listing Mock-Ups, I use them to create professional-looking Pin images for Pinterest. I use the images to create brand boards that then help me develop new products and I even use the images inside my own Etsy shop branding too.


The next tool I use to run my Etsy shop is Flodesk. Flodesk is an Email Service Provider that allows me to collect email subscribers, build my email list and send out beautiful emails to my customers.

In my opinion, Email is one of the most important ways you can start building a business beyond Etsy. In fact, I believe it’s a must-have for any online business, as it allows you to access, communicate and connect with your customer on your terms. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for most social media platforms, right?

The reason why I chose Flodesk over any other Email Service Platform is that it’s perfect for Etsy shop owners who are looking for a simple way to set up, manage and send out BEAUTIFUL emails!! Yes, I said beautiful!

Flodesk gives you so much creative freedom to design emails that are in line with your own branding and style... and for most of us creative Etsy sellers, this is a must.

Another reason why I love and recommend using FLodesk is that you can easily set up landing pages and opt-ins to start collecting email subscribers without ever needing your own website or online store.

I actually have a short playlist on YouTube that runs through getting started with email marketing and Flodesk which you might find helpful, click here to check it out.

Okay, so there we have it. A list of all the tools, programs and software I use to run my successful Etsy shop selling Canva templates. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, feel free to check out the links under each resource if you want to find out more or sign up for the free trials.


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I'm Alicia.

I'm a wife & mama from the beautiful city of Adelaide in South Australia.


A self taught business owner who loves geeking out over all things business & strategies.

I'm here to provide guidance & tools to help you start & launch a successful online business selling digital products.

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