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How to create Etsy listing images & attract customers to your digital products

So you’ve put all this time and effort into creating your digital product, ready to list to Etsy, but the first thing Etsy’s asking for you to upload to your listing is TEN images. And if you’re anything like most creators out there you’ve spent so much time creating your product, that you’ve got no energy left to generate 10 new images from scratch.

Worry not my friend, because in this video/article I’ll be showing you the EXACT listing image template I use for ALL of my listings in my own Etsy shop and how quickly and easy it can be to generate 10 “stop the scroll” images for your products.

In this video, you’ll see me create images for a product I sell in my Etsy shop, specifically a Canva template so that you can recreate something similar for your own digital products.

Now before we go through the walkthrough, I just want to mention that ensuring you have good listing images for your products (whether they be physical or digital) is an absolute must. When your shoppers are searching or browsing items on Etsy, the first thing that will help them decide on whether or not they will click to learn more about the product itself is through the thumbnail image. This is the first image that appears in the Etsy marketplace. Then once they click onto the product to learn more, the next 9 images you share along with a video and the description will then help them to make a purchasing decision.

When it comes to digital products, it can sometimes be a little more difficult to convey what the customer is receiving, so this is why we have to showcase the product with as many images as possible and with as much information as possible.

Now like I promised in this video, I want to gift you these templates so you can use them in your own Etsy shop. To access these templates, all you need to do is sign up for the Etsy Seller’s Hub. This FREE community hub and market place is where I share all things Etsy and the place where you can access your Canva templates too.

The cool things about this hub is not only will you find access to this template, but it’s also the area where I’ll be uploading and sharing more useful information, tools and resources to help you build your dream Etsy shop business.

Access to the hub is completely free, so be sure to sign up today by clicking the image below:




I'm Alicia.

I'm a wife & mama from the beautiful city of Adelaide in South Australia.


A self taught business owner who loves geeking out over all things business & strategies.

I'm here to provide guidance & tools to help you start & launch a successful online business selling digital products.

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